Our Program


The Red Class- Age 2 

Age two is the age where toddlers start to explore and develop. In our two year old class our goal is for your child to be able to:

  • Communicate through sign language

  • Build vocabulary

  • Develop fine motor skills

  • Engage in sensory activities

  • Refine gross motor skills

  • Develop independence

  • Engage in cooperative play

  • Gain an understanding of basic mathematics concepts, numbers, colors, opposites and shapes

  • Express Emotions/ Feeling

  • Recognize alphabet 

  • Follow directions 

  • And more!

The Green Class- Age 3

Age three is the age of wonder and observation. In our three year old class we focus on:

  • Independence

  • Beginning writing

  • Promoting social skills

  • Written name recognition 

  • Spelling name

  • Expanding Vocabulary

  • Taking Turns

  • 2-3 Sentence Conversations

  • Exercising gross motor skills and fine motor skills

  • Understanding the difference between gender

  • Following instructions

  • Expressing emotions

  • Using the potty

  • Entering school without emotional outburst 

  • Confidence development]

  • basic mathematics concepts, numbers, colors, opposites and shapes

  • Recognize alphabet 

  • And More!


The Yellow Class- Age 4

Age 4 is the age where we prep students for school! Our focus in this class includes

  • Writing

  • Telling stories

  • Remembering parts of a story

  • Taking Turns

  • 2-3 Sentence Conversations

  • Word recognition 

  • Putting together small sentences

  • Making Patterns

  • Identify Rhymes

  • Recognize and write letters

  • Hold pencil correctly

  • Recognizing over 10 colors

  • Complete puzzles 

  • And More!

The Orange Class- Age 5

Age 5 are our school age students. We follow Virginia's Standards of Learning for Preschoolers as well as incorporate our Curriculum for these students​


Our Curriculum

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Science - Spanish - Sign Language - Technology - Engineering - Math 


Monday - Wednesday

Students wear uniforms Monday-Wednesday. Uniforms consist of your child's Class Color Polo style shirt and dark blue uniform bottoms. 


On Thursdays, we show our school spirit by wears our BOL T-Shirts ( shirts included in registration)


 Fridays are our dress downs days and students can wear anything they like!